The world doesn’t need more arm cups for triathlon and time trial. But the cycling world needs Spotless Aero. Because our newly developed system may look like another pair of new arm cups at first glance. But it is more. Much more.

Have you ever seen a gebioMized’s pressure analysis? Red areas mark the strongest pressure points. These are exactly the areas where pain typically occurs. And pain slows you down. We call these areas hotspots. Our mission is to make these hotspots disappear. A mission that resulted in something called Spotless.

gebioMized Spotless Aero

After Secret Saddle Club saddles and PUSH insoles, Spotless Aero represents our solution for the third point of contact between athlete and bike – the cockpit. And we developed it as the first biomechanics expert, not as the 226th component manufacturer. Shaped exactly as it makes sense from a biomechanical point of view. In exact compliance with UCI rules. More comfortable than anything you’ve ever known.

Spotless. And Aero. Because comfort and stability make you fast! We looked at arm rests as a cohesive system of cup and padding and re-developed both.

Your bike-fitter adapts the cup with different paddings from our 3D printer to your individual needs. Spotless Aero is “100% Made in Münsterland”.

gebioMized Spotless Aero

Spotless = Aero

To be fast on your bike, your riding position is by far the biggest factor. Bicycle, wheels et cetera only account for about 15 percent of the air resistance. The rest is caused by your body. A whopping 85 percent. For an optimal riding position, you need to combine performance, aerodynamics, and comfort, i.e. Exactly what we at gebioMized do best. In triathlon, time trial, ultra-cycling or long bikepacking races on the gravel bike the cockpit is the key to fast riding. You just need to use it right. Riding on aero handlebars, you can easily save 30 percent of power compared to the hood position. Depending on your position and height, this may amount to 30 to 100 watts. If you don’t use them, aero handlebars add weight to your bike. And cost. That’s it.

Another argument for more comfort: we’ve measured in aero tests that better pads can significantly improve your aerodynamics. Why? Because the more comfortable and secure you feel, the lower and more relaxed you’ll ride on the handlebars. And this directly affects your shoulder and head position and reduces the frontal area. In other words: the same power output will generate a higher speed.



gebioMized Spotless Aero

The padding

This is where the magic happens: the 3D printed padding is the heart of the system. So far it is available in two versions.

The cups

The cups developed by gebioMized are the basis of the system. They can be mounted in many different positions on the most common handlebar extensions.

Effective cushioning

The cushioning of the pads is crucial for feeling comfortable on the cockpit. Thanks to the manufacturing process, various cushioning grades will be realisable in perspective.

Angle calculation

Different athletes will use their cockpit in differently angled configurations. That’s why Spotless Aero is available in a flat version and one angled at three degrees for optimal pressure distribution.

gebioMized Spotless Aero
months development

testing cycles

Why we developed Spotless Aero

Saddle first, shoes second, now the cockpit: the three contact points between athlete and bike have always been the focus of gebioMized’s work. With our experience from everyday bike fitting and the countless measurement data generated by our gebioMized pressure measurement technology, we’d already developed our own saddle line and semi-custom insoles for cycling shoes. The success of these products and the positive experience made by our customers, athletes, and bike fitters increasingly led to the question: “When will you take care of the cockpit?” Our answer is: Right now! With gebioMized Spotless Aero. Developed entirely in Germany and individually adaptable to athletes and their position on the bike.

gebioMized Spotless Aero


Made in Münsterland

No long supply chains and transport routes: our Spotless Aero system is made entirely in the Münster region. The cups are manufactured by a partner near the gebioMized headquarters in Münster, the pads are printed at the gebioMized concept-lab using a 3D printer. This makes Spotless Aero very sustainable. But above all, it allows us to react quickly to new requirements.

Spotless Aero Pad im 3D-Drucker
Made in Münsterland

pressure mappings

The path to the perfect cockpit

We developed gebioMized Spotless Aero using the input of many athletes and our worldwide network of bike fitters. The data from our gebioMized pressure mapping is also an essential basis. This technology allows for bike fitters to determine the ideal Spotless Aero setup. Perfectly adjusted to the needs of the rider and the preconditions of the cockpit. Because aero doesn’t need to hurt.

gebioMized Spotless Aero

Our innovative arm cups are available at more and more bike fitters and bike dealers. And, of course, in our exclusive gebioMized concept-labs at eight locations in Germany.

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